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CodePrinter - Java Webstart for JRE 1.4 or higher

CodePrinter is a tiny utility to print out source code or other text files. Its main intent is to provide you with print-outs for your code reviews and to save some paper by fitting two code pages onto one sheet of paper.

CodePrinter is written in Java and makes use of the Java Printing API. It's an Open Source project hosted at and is protected by the GNU General Public License.

Unix- & Linux people should consider a2ps as an alternative.


  • Printing of one or multiple files
  • Line numbering
  • Simple syntax highlighting for .java, .html and .xml files
  • Preview with zoom-in/zoom-out functionality
  • Printing of a single or all previewed pages
  • Font and font size selection

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Eclipse 3.0 Plugin - Open the context menu for one or multiple files of a view and choose "Code Printer-> Print Code...". The Preview window will appear, from where you can confirm or cancel the printing process.

Stand-alone Application - Start the application with...
java -jar codeprinter.jar.
On Windows a double click on the jar file does the same. A file browser will open, which let's you select one or multiple files. Click the "Preview..." button to open the preview frame. From here you can confirm or cancel the printing process.

100% Free Award

Softpedia granted CodePrinter with the 100% Free Award.

This attests CodePrinter to be completely free from evil code and free for distribution. See 100% Free Award. This award was given to CodePrinter as a Windows application.


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